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Book Review: Chakras in the Modern World e-Book

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Chakras in the Modern World eBook

Chakras in the Modern World eBook

Lately, I have been writing reviews of books, mostly in the genres that have to do with dance, yoga, working with youth/teens and youth/teens with special needs. I have found a wide open world of authors who want to have their books reviewed and I get the most awesome perk, free books! What could make a book lover like me more happy and I’m learning new things and sculpting my brain (see my blog post “Yoga for a Brainy Day“).

I received an extra boost the other day when I discovered in my inbox that someone was requesting me to promote their new e-book about Chakras. My first request! So awesome! Its is a nicely written and well illustrated book about the Chakras, making them accessible to the modern world. They take you through a description of what the chakras are (invisible energy centers in your subtle body),  the history of the chakras and then offer a clear and concise breakdown of each chakra.

Their concluding statement advocates first reading about chakras, but by actively putting focus and awareness on healing our energy centers is what can bolster overall well-being. They understand that most people cannot just devote their days to chakra balance through meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, praying, and affirmations but point out, that by just becoming aware of these invisible chakras—and signs of an imbalance—that we can try out new methods of self-help beyond turning to things like food, alcohol, or medication to tackle emotional and physical problems.

Here is the link for you to download it for yourselves:




¡Ole! ¡Namaste!

Author: Eve Costarelli

Always Be Dancing: Move With Eve: I bring accessible yoga, dance and mindfulness programs to school communities, fitness professionals, Pt's/OT's, yoga studios and every(body) in between through classes, workshops, professional development seminars, public speaking, and guest blogging. I can create a program specific to your needs. My self designed ¡Ole Namaste! infuses the movements, breathwork and meditation of yoga with the music and dance of flamenco. Come have a body stretching, breath enhancing, mind relaxing, hand clapping good time! In this fun, upbeat mindful movement class, that is infused with the music and dance of flamenco, students will absorb the dramatic postures and colorful flavor of flamenco while exploring yoga poses, flamenco technique, breathwork and meditation. Each class will include a demonstration of flamenco by the instructor.

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