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All About Eve

Eve Costarelli at or 617-216-1643

For 20 years, I have been a teacher of flamenco,tap dance and yoga specializing in working with children of all ages and abilities (and many child-like adults); I practice a therapeutic and body-centric approach to give my students physiological and psychological benefits from these art forms.I also perform and choreograph flamenco and tap dance. I am a member of Young Audiences of Massachusetts along with Antonio “Tiriti” Tran with ur program, The Birth of Flamenco, traveling to schools (K-12) bringing both her love and knowledge of flamenco all over the state. I also present at senior centers, colleges/universities and  many community events. I am the  lead teacher for the Nourishing Teachers, Strengthening Classrooms project  where I thematically integrate yoga and mindfulness strategies into academic curriculum in the Framingham Public School system.


* Educating about the history of the Spanish Gypsies and their contribution to the art of flamenco
* Helping children and adults find their inner “dancer”
* Guiding dancers into the correct postures and lines for their dance styles
* Creating site specific choreography

* Engaging families, children, adults and veterans bringing stress relief and fun through dance, yoga, breath-work and meditation.

* Specialty in creating Youth Development programs, inclusion programs for children on the Autism spectrum and programs that support Social Justice.

* I perform flamenco and tap professionally  

* I also offer flamenco and yoga parties, Wedding Yoga and Corporate events. Fees surprisingly affordable. Contact me Eve Costarelli at or 617-216-1643

Eve is

* A vibrant teacher who brings a refreshing and therapeutic approach to her workshops and performances.
* Highly creative, engaging teacher and choreographer.
* Adapts programs to meet the needs of students with a range of experiences and abilities.
* Independently developed and teaches youth programs and classes in flamenco, rhythm tap and yoga for children of all ages and abilities.
* Creates a positive, dynamic and effective learning environment which fosters students’ self-confidence and appreciation for dance.
* Teaches flamenco programs and workshops which promote the understanding and appreciation of authentic flamenco dance, Spanish culture and the multi-cultural background of the art form.
* Has twenty years of experience teaching dance and uses her unique artistic background to stimulate her students and infuses her dance programs with yoga, history and the love of teaching.
* Develops classes which help students to experience dance on a deeper spiritual level.
* Encourages students to develop self-awareness and self-confidence while developing their coordination skills.

9 thoughts on “All About Eve

  1. Eve, I cannot believe that I have found your website on accident. Not sure if you remember who I am but I worked with you last year during an IvyChild event. I have never forgotten your style of yoga and your ability to connect with the children. Yet most of all I will never forget the encouragement you gave me as I was nervous (being my first yogathon) and you encouraged me to do my own thing, teach my way. You were right and I continue to pass that to children and adults alike!


    • So AMAZING to hear from you Kerry! I am sure you are a gift to everyone you teach! Are you on Face Book? I also have a site at Please keep in touch. I will be teaching in Worcester for IVY CHild on Saturday June 25th. Hope to see you again soon.


      • Yes I am I just liked your site I also am at


      • yes i did just like your site and i havea website with wordpress as well and my facebook is I am teaching I believe it s the first Wednesdy Yoga In the Park and I am also doing my second session of mindful based yoga in Worcester starting at the end of April. I have a chilren’s Yoga program mostly written up with a special needs part as well. It fits all th requirements for the yoga alliance but I am not a school nor am I a 599 hour RYT. So I will just have to plug away at thatbefore I unleash it. I keep fine tuning adding more information to it anyway. It most likely will have a core program (100 hour) then additional modules that one could take to suit their own needs. Do you traing teachers to teach children? Also do you have a home base or do you travel? I needto look at your site ome more these questions may already be answered. I like to talk to people who really teach children professionally and pick their brain if you dont mind!


      • Kerry, We can talk any time. I do not travel as I have a family and spend my time at home with them. All my work is based in Massachusetts. I do not teach at studios as I am not a fan of the yoga culture at large and prefer working in schools and community settings. I have private students also. I work with a non-profit in Framingham that has opened many doors for me to bring my program (Always Be Dancing Mindful Movement) into the Framingham school district and was invited to the Framingham Teachers Professional Development days and taught 4 sessions on bringing yoga and mindfulness into the school community. I am also working with the Natick Wellness summit and have a few workshops in the making. I am 500 hour certified but I am not RYT as I have not had the need to be registered through yoga alliance to do my work. I have my own unique offering and do not feel I fall completely in the yoga genre as I incorporate dance and rhythm into my work and do not feel I need anyone to certify me for that. When I do begin offering trainings that might rove to be different as people will want to be able to apply my offering to their needs and then I might need a verification form YA, but I am not sold on that. Right now I am working with other professionals who can apply PDP’s to their programs, so I am umbrellaed in with them.


      • Thank you for your support once again. I am currently in the middle


      • Thank you for your support once again. I am currently in the middle of deciding on where i want to go with my yoga. I am 200 hour certified, RYT. Yet i wanted to start a non profit myself that works with children on the spectrum. I have a son on the on the spectrum. I also work with essential oils and find that they work well with children on the spectrum. So i am not sure what to do. I am think i may reach out to the local autism resource center. Ivy child has a spot for me to tech free of charge if i teach a class free of charge for special needs. Its on my to do list today to call and try to set it up. You are an inspiration. Namaste….Kerry


  2. Nice to reconnect with you!


  3. I PM’d you on FB on your business page so we can connect via email.


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