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(Coloring) Book Review by Eve: Color Me Happy, Color Me Calm: A Self-Help Kid’s Coloring Book for Overcoming Anxiety, Anger, Worry and Stress by Lori Lite


This coloring book is full of positive affirmations and fun pictures to color.

Each 2-page layout has a great advice bubble and an accompanying picture to color. The pictures are all very emotive and capture the essence of the affirmations perfectly. The pictures are simple, allowing each one to be finished in a sitting, which is very satisfying. The flow of the lines is very pleasant and they add to the overall calming effect of the book.

Each page of this delightful book offers a mini-mindful moment including a progressive muscle relaxation script, yoga, visualization, a bubble thought exercise and gratitude pages along with a variety of other ways to connect mindfulness to your senses, functions, emotions, and activities such as dance, listening to music and exercise.

The book itself allows for lots of space to breathe and to express yourself creatively. I love how it touches on so many ways to experience mindfulness. This book offers both young and old coping skills to help calm anxiety and bring about peace of mind. Coloring is proven to be a great calming activity and is a great way for families to enjoy some quiet together time. I highly recommend this book for families, therapists, yoga classes (which is what I will be using it for) and for anyone else who wants to access their creativity and share calming strategies with children.

How I will use this book:

IMG_7627In my yoga/mindful movement classes, I love to offer many avenues to my students to absorb coping skills. This book will come in super handy when I need an activity that passively activates the still quiet place inside where peace abides and anxiety is dissipated.



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Book Review: Striker, Slow Down! a calming book for children who are always on the go by Emma Hughes


This book is A+ adorable! The verses are, on a whole, well metered and really help to put you in the shoes of a very hyper, run around and bump into things, kind of kid (er…kitten). Striker is just go, go go; he is full of spunk and curiosity. After a bit of a tumble, he has to slow down and in that moment his mom jumps in and helps him center himself, bring his focus inwards, and from their the lesson about mindfulness is ingrained in him. This book is a great resource for any adult working with very young children on bolstering their social emotional learning and can be added to yoga classes and at home and classroom learning. The message is simple, but clear, and will encourage self-control, inner peace and a more positive outlook. Striker has a great sense of self . The book takes a fun and light-hearted approach to helping kids take control of themselves and to learn to slow down and smell the roses. The adorable illustrations by John Smisson just “POP” and add spot-on visual fun to Ms. Hughes story.¬†#jkpbooks #emmahughes #mindfulness #johnsmisson

Full Disclosure: The publisher sent me a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.