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Yoga…Teaching the teachers

I had a great yoga class at Longfellow today. It started out slow but then three people walked in together, two of them who are fellow teachers. That is always fun because we can play a bit and share insights. I appreciate the camaraderie at Longfellow and I always appreciate FUN! We flowed, we flew and we fluttered!

After teaching, I hit the Stepmill for 10 minutes to warm my legs up. Then upstais to the weightlifting room. I tried to embody the training my husband has been raving about these past few weeks, low weight high rep to start…

Squat: Bar +10lbs 50 reps; +50lbs 10 reps; +70lbs 7 reps
Lunges: across floor and back with 15lb. hand weights
Super Set of Leg Extensions and Leg Curls: 25lbs. 21 reps/20lbs. 30 reps; 85lbs. 10 reps/ 60lbs. 10 reps; 100lbs. 7 reps/70lbs. 8 reps.

Superset of Bench and Lat Pull Downs: Bar 30 reps/30lbs. 50 reps; +45lbs. 6 reps/ 90lbs. 9reps; 40lbs. 6 reps/105lbs. 5 reps.

I ran out of steam, so I ended with a 3 sets of Shoulder Flyes: 3 lbs. 50 reps; 7.5lbs. 10 reps; 10lbs. 8 reps.


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Yoga Stretch and The Weight Room

On Tuesday morning I got to sub a yoga stretch class at Longfellow Fitness. I had a great group of women who really enjoyed themselves and we all had a great stretch together. I talked a lot about abs and how these women being older had trouble doing crunches etc. to get to their abs, so I suggested that they “bring their anus to their belly button” throughout the work out and in that they would be using their deep abdominal muscles without crunching. They loved the idea! 
Thank you for a great time, ladies!
After yoga, I hit the weight room again. Rob, honey, this is for you…
1. SQUAT: bar +20lbs. 15 reps; +40lbs 12 reps; +60 10 reps
2. LUNGES: holding 15’s 40 across the room
3. EXTENSIONS (back to back with curls) 55lbs 12 reps; 70lbs. 10 reps; 85 8 reps
4. CURLS: 40lbs 12 reps; 50lbs. 10 reps; 60lbs. 8 reps
5. BENCH : +20lbs. 15 reps; +40 lbs. 8 reps; +45lbs. 6 reps
6. INCLINE BENCH: +10lbs. 15 reps; +20lbs. 10 reps; +30lbs. 7 reps
7. BUTTERFLY: 50lbs. 12 reps; 60lbs. 8 reps; 70lbs. 6 reps
8. LAT PULL DOWNS: 70lbs. 12 reps; 82.5lbs. 8 reps; 90lbs. 6 reps
9. UNDER-GRIP LAT PULL DOWNS: 75 lbs. 10 reps; 80lbs. 8 reps; 82.5lbs. 6 reps.
10. ROWS 60lbs. 12 reps; 75lbs. 8 reps; 90 lbs. 6 reps
11. SHOULDER PRESS (with bar) 30lbs. 15 reps; 40lbs. 12 reps; 50lbs. 10reps
That took about an hour and fifteen minutes. No real pain this week, though, but I feel good! Sticking strong to my new life-style diet. No fat and lots of salad! And sprouted wheat breads.

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The Heat Is On!

Today, at my 9AM yoga class at Longfellow Fitness in Natick, MA, I brought the flow on. The room was heated to a delicious 85 degrees and I had a great group of yoginis joining me. I was greatly inspired last week by my “Align Your Flow” class with Natasha Rizopolous and using this inspiration as I led my flow class that had attention to alignment and focused on the breath and each and every person’s edge. It was satisfying to explain the nuances in the feet positions, alignment of the shoulders, the lift in the upper back by dropping the rhomboids to the hips and lifting at the seratus…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I started today’s class with a cross heart kriya from the Kundalini practice of yoga. This meditation allows you to work both sides of the brain and also to rid yourself of old baggage and open new pathways for success in your life.

I am seeking the yoga teacher I will become. She is in here and she is emerging.

Another great thing about teaching yoga at Longfellow is I have use of their weight room. I have not lifted for years (about 15) but the feeling is coming right back to me. I used to bench 135 pounds at The Gold’s in Boston. I love the feeling you get from lifting; I had forgotten how much I love it. With my tunes blasting in my ears (Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, EPMD, yes I had a Rap and hip-hop sound track today), I couldn’t help  but get a pump going on!

For the love of my life, Rob, I post my workout, because he is going to have to listen to my moans and groans when everything hurts tomorrow. I have to admit, I am still stumbling for the right weights to lift.The form is there, but I am unsure where I want to take this…

1. SQUAT: bar (too light) too many reps; +20lbs. 15 reps; +40lbs 10 reps
2. LUNGES: holding 12.5’s about 20 on both sides
3. EXTENSIONS (back to back with curls) 40lbs 12 reps; 55lbs 10 reps; 70lbs. 8 reps
4. CURLS: 20lbs (too light) 15 or more reps; 30lbs. 15 reps; 40lbs. ?
5. BENCH (backed with incline bench): +10lbs. 15 reps; +20 lbs. 12 reps; +30lbs. 8 reps
6. INCLINE BENCH: +10lbs. 10 reps; +15lbs. 10 reps; +20lbs. 7 reps
7. BUTTERFLY: 45lbs. 12 reps; 60lbs. 7 reps; 65lbs. 7 reps
8. LAT PULL DOWNS: 60lbs. 12 reps; 75lbs. 8 reps; 90lbs. 6 reps
9. UNDER-GRIP LAT PULL DOWNS:45 lbs. 15 reps; 60lbs. 10 reps; 75lbs. 7 reps.
I did not get to do Rows, ran out of time. I had to head to Runkle School in Brookline to deliver 3-20 minute Yoga-Snacks! I love teaching yoga. I love yoga. Life is great!