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15 Minute Yoga Snack: Our Hands Are Important

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Today’s 15 Minute Yoga Snack:

Seated in Easy Pose, 3 large Balloon Breaths (fill belly on the inhale)Bumpy Camel (Balloon Breath at the end of every exercise)Washing Machine (saying Sat Nam: Truth is my identity) & Dryer. Slowly rise up into Tadasana, hands over head and then hands to heart center. We did 3 calming ohms (pronounced “ong” like the word “gong” without the first “g”; you can make your ohm sound like a ancient gong)

Still standing, we did “We’re The Rockin’ Yogi’s”. We started by stamping our feet “right, left” then one clap. It is a real sense of accomplishment and coordination to be able to keep the beat and sing at the same time.

The kids were very energetic and full of excitement today. We definitely found concentration to be a challenge, but I was so happy to see how much participation I saw and that they kids were genuinely happy and engaged!

We bent over into Uttanasa, because during times when you feel over excited, bent over poses are the best to bring a sense of calmness and peace to your mind.

Our final pose was Nataranjasana (Dancer’s Pose).

The end of the class, we did our Sa-Ta-Na-Ma meditation (4x Out Loud, 4x Whisper, 4x In Head, 4x Whisper and 4x Out Loud).



What is the meaning of Sa-Ta-Na-Ma?

SA= Infinity (You are infinite)

TA= Life (You come here)

NA= Death (You leave here)

MA= Rebirth (You remember that)

These are the five primal sounds of the universe (S, T, N, M & “A”)

How to perform the mediation with the mudra (hand position):

On Sa touch the index finger to your thumb; on Ta touch the middle finger to your thumb; on Na touch the ring finger to your thumb; on Ma touch the little finger to your thumb. Apply a two pound pressure every time you touch the fingers. Continue moving the fingers throughout the exercise, even during the silent part.

Sa – Index finger to thumb – This means Wisdom and Knowledge
Ta – Middle finger to thumb – This means Patience
Na – Ring finger to thumb – This means Health and Energy
Ma – Little finger to thumb – This means Intuitive Communication

The thumb is associated with the fire element, the lung meridian and the planet Mars and represents willpower and logic. The index finger is associated with the air element, the stomach meridian and the planet Jupiter. It represents the mind and the power of thought. The middle finger is associated with the ether element, the circulation and gallbladder meridians and the planet Saturn. It represents our spiritual path. The ring finger is associated with the earth element, the liver meridian and the sun (or Apollo, the sun god). It represents vitality and health. The little finger is associated with the water element, the heart meridian and the planet Mercury. It represents communication, sexuality and personal relationships.

“Everything grows and then it changes, Comes back around in another form, The seed to the tree, tree to the earth, Earth to the seed and then it’s reborn” Lyrics by Shakta Khalsa.

**A note: The word Namaste seem to be made up of the 5 primal sounds of the universe Na-Ma-Sa-Ta….

Author: Eve Costarelli

Always Be Dancing: Move With Eve: I bring accessible yoga, dance and mindfulness programs to school communities, fitness professionals, Pt's/OT's, yoga studios and every(body) in between through classes, workshops, professional development seminars, public speaking, and guest blogging. I can create a program specific to your needs. My self designed ¡Ole Namaste! infuses the movements, breathwork and meditation of yoga with the music and dance of flamenco. Come have a body stretching, breath enhancing, mind relaxing, hand clapping good time! In this fun, upbeat mindful movement class, that is infused with the music and dance of flamenco, students will absorb the dramatic postures and colorful flavor of flamenco while exploring yoga poses, flamenco technique, breathwork and meditation. Each class will include a demonstration of flamenco by the instructor.

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